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54’ Ocean Renegade R5 - A Unique Solar Hybrid Electric Sailing Catamaran

Jan 18, 2022

54’ Ocean Renegade R5 Catamaran

A Unique Solar Hybrid Electric Sailing Catamaran

If you cross the pond and head south to a place feared by mariners for as long as the Cape of Good Hope has been mapped, you will find Ashley Dee. He is a yacht builder with a vision for the future and a zeal for fast sailing catamarans. He has constructed some of the most advanced carbon re-enforced, electrically propelled sailing catamarans on the market and he has expanded his build capability to satisfy the American market.

Ashley led the construction the 2020 54’ Ocean Renegade R5 Catamaran named ‘Oxygen’ and with the assistance from Nova Luxe, the boat arrived in St. Petersburg, FL in October from Cape Town, South Africa.

Alternating between thrill and relaxation with a sport-minded, hybrid sailboat. The Ocean Renegade series is as keen on seizing the winds as it is cruising independently while you entertain. The vessel is tightly engineered to fit all of the comforts of a live-aboard boat, but when you’re behind the helm, sails like a race boat. And like the rest of the NOVALUXE fleet, the Ocean Renegade series features emission free solar/electric technology that preserves places worth going, and gets you there without the need to stop for diesel.

Local Captain Scott MacGregor with Redbeard Boatworks has had the pleasure to pilot this unique vessel on a number of charters around Tampa Bay

“The boat is very responsive due to it being lightweight. It is a wonderful sailing vessel which smoothly slides through the water at almost wind speed,” says Captain MacGreggor. “The setup of the sailboat lends itself nicely to the operation with the center wheel that articulates so you can see the sails as well as the ease of the controls of the running rigging due to its location. The all electric engines make motoring quiet, quite a change from a diesel engine vibrating through the boat with the exhaust gases.”

“The sail plan with the code 0 really helps move the boat along. It will sail very close to the wind and will reach back to about 120-130 degrees wonderfully. The self tacking jib makes tacking easy as well.”

“In all, it is a well thought out platform and a very performance first catamaran sailboat. Long distance cruising aboard this vessel is easy and with the electrical systems the fuel dock you would not need to be a stop along the way!”

To say that Oxygen is a well equipped boat would be a huge understatement. Launched at the end of 2020, she is the yard's third electric catamaran and without a doubt the most capable. Equipped with the Torqeedo Deep Blue system, the gold standard in electric yacht propulsion, and for good reason. This catamaran was built in epoxy eglass with extensive carbon reinforcing and construction, including the entire coachroof and all spars.

She has the galley and salon volume of a much larger yacht and with her twin forward sailing cockpit doors together with her large aft cockpit doors, she possesses amazing flow and energy as one moves fore and aft. Amazing views of what’s ahead and below from the overhanging unstayed carbon longeron down the center of her bow. Move aft via her secure sailing handling cockpit, all the way back to her huge "dock-like" stern scoops to enter the warm Florida waters.

Under sail she is a pleasure to manage from her secure sailing cockpit with the electric line driver and primaries making her capable of push button sail trimming of the Jib-sheet, main-sheet, and traveler at the same time, from one position. She can also be sporty and rewards an eager crew with a deck gear plan and extended longeron that is able to fly dual headsails. This is especially useful in light air.

The 54’ Ocean Renegade R5 Catamaran, Oxygen is an incredible yacht and available now, ready to cruise, with beautiful finishings and extensive cruising equipment.



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