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As the #1 power catamaran electric re-fit company since their inception in 2017, they have grown to offer new power catamarans as electric hybrids. They have leveraged their suppliers' strengths and intentional design for each customer to ensure a properly sized electric propulsion system. Nova Luxe has taken the complexity out of the electrical propulsion systems installation and made sure the job is done correctly, within budget, and delivers the required speed and range for each client.

Unlimited Range and a top speed that excites is only possible with the new ELITE series by Nova Luxe. Requiring only a single captain, these blue water vessels have no limits. All components are tried and tested, industry best. Nova Luxe does not compromise and their product is peerless.

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At Tampa Yacht Sales we like to make sure a client is making an educated purchase, understands all facets of the ownership experience and provide clients an easy ownership cycle that includes buying, selling and giving service recommendations.

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