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Grady-White Boats for Sale

Grady-White Boats are among the most iconic, well-respected, and highest rated vessels on the water today. Offering both center-console and dual-console models, Grady White leads in customer satisfaction among many other brands on the market today, particularly for their quality, safety, and reliability. Grady's new SeaV2 Hull design has also won numerous J.D. Power & Associates awards!

Founded in 1959 by Glen Grady and Don White, this coastal Carolina-based company has continued to weather every economic storm while investing in their technology at the factory. In 1968 the current owner and CEO Eddy Smith took the helm and has worked to instill a lasting value in each boat they build. Grady-White’s Mission statement is to get the details right, make customers happy and focus on superior manufacturing. These boats are outdoor oriented, high performing and have a bit of a cult following among boat buyers. Those discerning buyers who are more interested in clean classic lines versus the latest color and flash gravitate to this brand.  The variable degree deadrise which starts very aggressive at the bow allows for a smooth and comfortable ride in rough seas, while tapering down to a lower deadrise aft to give great stability when drifting or trolling. This is a boat that does not stay in inventory long as they are in high demand.

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Grady-White has joined the ranks of several other top quality and high-end boat builders to debut their 456 Canyon which is their first vessel over 40’. This vessel is almost a foot wider than the Scout 42 LXF at 14’ beam and 45’ hull length without the engines. This model was released with Quad 350 hp Yamaha but keep an eye out for one coming to a dealer near you with the new 425 hp V8 XTO Offshore outboard.


Grady-White FAQ's:


Are Grady White Good Boats?: Grady-White is a very good boat brand in terms of their quality construction, safety history, performance and re-sale value. From continuously looking at new ways to improve your boating experience (just take a glance at the list of patents they've registered on their website) to perfecting their hull design for increased efficiency, Grady-White is always at the forefront of innovation in the world of center-consoles. Pre-owned Grady White's also hold their resale value at a higher level than many of the competitors in their class. A boat is only as good as the craftsmen that build them and the Grady factory has over 50 team members that have been employed there for over 25 years.


Why are Grady-White Boats So Expensive?: Simply put, Grady-White Boats are expensive compared to other center-consoles or dual-consoles because of the top quality materials used and the advanced construction techniques. Grady-White Boats also consist of high-end engines, equipment, and options. All hardware such as the grab rails, stainless-steel bolted cleats, and other fixtures are all of the best quality. The size and number of engines on your Grady can also increase the cost substantially, especially getting into the larger models like the Canyon 456 and the Freedom 375.


Which boat is better - Grady-White or Boston Whaler?: Firstly, both Grady-White and Boston Whaler are clearly at the top of the center-console industry. Both brands are award-winning, highly-regarded builders that are constantly in competition for constructing the most innovative and well-built boats. The answer to this question really comes down to personal style and your history with boats. Boston Whaler has been around longer and has more of a history than Grady-White so there is a sense of nostalgia with many Whaler owners.


Are Grady-White Boats unsinkable?: Newer Grady-White Boats are unsinkable according to their website thanks to a stringer system that's composite built, closed-cell form core technology, polyester resin, and top quality fiberglass. Each Grady is also self-bailing including the cockpit, built-in fish boxes, and coolers.


Buying Your Next Grady-White: Tampa Yacht Sales offers you the entire Grady-White MLS, including Grady-White boats for sale in the United States. You will find used Grady-White Center Consoles, Dual Consoles, Express, Canyon and Bay Boats for sale.

Selling Your Current Grady-White: Tampa Yacht Sales would be honored to help you sell your Grady-White! With a team of licensed yacht brokers in Florida from Tampa Bay to Venice, TYS is ready to provide your Sea Ray Yacht with true international exposure.

Grady-White Market Reports: As a Grady-White Buyer, or a Seller, if you would like to receive a monthly Grady-White market report, reflecting the latest sales data, and Sea Ray sold boats reports, contact a Tampa Yacht Sales Yacht Broker at 833.222.9248 or


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